Saturday, January 7, 2017

When Kids And Parents Just Don’t Get Each Other (15 pics)

The #assholeparent hashtag brings us a collection of unforgettable grief and despair moments from children who were not allowed to fulfill their “totally OK” desires.

"I won’t let her ride on top of the jeep."
"I told her she couldn’t eat the dog food."

"She wanted peanut butter crackers made with OVAL crackers...not the rectangle ones!"

"We wouldn’t let him eat the old rusted screw he found on the ground."

"I told her she can’t sit on the cat."

"I was curious about his day at school."

"I wouldn’t let her dump my hot coffee on the dog."

"He couldn’t go backward UP the hill because I told him gravity wouldn’t allow that."

"He can’t reach the fire truck."

"I wouldn’t let him get inside of the dirty’s so hard being a baby!"

"She didn’t want to be outside, so we came inside. Apparently that was also the wrong choice."

"The reason I’m crying: my mom wouldn’t let me lick her face."

"I wouldn’t let her take her pants off at the park."

"I wouldn’t let him fall off the rocks into the canyon."

"I wouldn’t let her rub her face into the carpet in the doctor’s waiting room."

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