Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Spooky Paintings In Abandoned Psychiatric Hospitals Give Voices To The Departed

Imagine coming across an abandoned mental hospital. Would you go in or would you avoid it? I know I would definitely avoid an abandoned anything. But that is not what artist, Herbert Baglione, did. He came across this abandoned mental hospital in Parma, Italy and thought it was the perfect place for him to expand his ever growing art project called, “1,000 Shadows”. Baglione is from Sao Paolo, but travels the world adding his paintings to public walls, empty buildings, and pretty much anywhere there is space that he feels needs to be painted.

The shadow creeps out of the chair and peeks its head around the corner.

This looks like some sort of tree trying to tell the stories of the abandoned mental hospital.

Creepy shadows seem to be longing to escape the wheelchairs. Somehow they are finding themselves still hunched over like prolonged periods of being chair bound have crippled their bodies.

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