Saturday, January 16, 2016

Unique images of the US troops at the Berchtesgaden

Fascinating images taken at the Berchtesgaden – doesn’t look like they where taken by the Signal Corps. Again, a unique collection of images that you don’t often get to see – a behind the scenes look.

First ever historical note dates back to 1102 and it mentions the area because of its rich salt deposits. Much of Berchtesgaden’s wealth has been derived from its salt mines, the first of which started operations in 1517. During the Napoleonic wars, Berchtesgaden changed hands a few times, such as in 1805 under the Treaty of Pressburg, when the area was ceded to Austria. Salzburg was always interested in Berchtesgaden and French troops occupied the area a short time

Adolf Hitler had been vacationing in the Berchtesgaden area since the 1920s. He purchased a home in the Obersalzberg above the town on the flank of the Hoher Goll and began extensive renovations on his Berghof in the following years. As other top Nazi Party leaders such as Herman Goering, Joseph Goebbels, and Albert Speer began to frequent the area the Party began to purchase and requisition land in the Obersalzberg. In May 1945, as the war in Europe drew to a close, two great prizes remained. The first, Berlin, was almost completely in the hands of the Soviets. The second, Berchtesgaden, home to Adolf Hitler’s famous mountain retreat, remained to be captured.

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