Saturday, December 12, 2015

Meet the Washington Couple Who Lives Like They're in the Victorian Era (21 Pics)

After trawling through their seemingly endless website and reading a few interviews they’ve done since becoming an internet curiosity, I’ve concluded that the Chrismans are more like time-travelling Victorians than die-hard Victorians. That is to say, yes they have a computer and a website because they’re interested in the outreach and education of their ongoing experimental way of life, but then they don’t keep cell phones or a television for example. Making the best of both worlds, they adopt the Victorian lifestyle as a more conscious and mindful way of living, but they won’t isolate themselves because they’re neighbours and friends choose to live in the 21st century.

Gabriel works at a bike shop in town and Sarah is a writer, with two books under her belt about the couple’s Victorian lifestyle.

“Our household income is considerably below the average, and that’s a restriction we have to work within,” explains Sarah on their website, which also advertises their consulting services and educational workshops. “We set our priorities carefully, decide what’s really important for us, and work from there. In some aspects of our lives we spend more money than other people, but then we make up for it by spending less money in other ways—partly because of the manner in which we’ve chosen to live, partly out of pure necessity.”

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