Sunday, November 15, 2015

These People Transform Walls With The Ancient Art Of Stone

Have you been lucky enough to find something that you are so passionate about, that it completely envelops every fiber of your being? Naomi Zettl and Andreas Kunert have, and it is absolutely amazing. They say that their inspiration flows to them directly from nature in what is known as sacred geometry. Their harmonious architecture with proportioned shapes and repeating patterns is awakened by the ancient art of stone, which is what they named their company. Their intention is to awaken the wisdom and spirit of the ancient world, renewing people's awareness and consciousness through their art, bringing respect, honor and sustainability to all.

Ideas In Stone On A Mountain: The entire wall was utilized for this piece of art.

Ideas In Stone On A Mountain: I love the way that the wood brightly sticks out while becoming a part of the artwork simultaneously.

Flight of the Swallow: This 4 foot fence extends 80 feet. It was inspired when the artist watched his friend save a family of swallows at a sandstone quarry.

Love Story: View Royal Mural. In British Columbia, the town of View Royal commissioned this large mural.

Love Story: View Royal Mural. Their largest project at the time, Love Story is 12 feet tall by an amazing 650 feet long.

Love Story: View Royal Mural.A time capsule was built into the wall that included comments from the public on how the piece of artwork affected them and their community.

For Bob and Brenda: This was Bob and Brenda's property before they decided to make a change.

For Bob and Brenda: One of Andreas' good friends, Bob, commissioned this piece as a special gift for his lovely wife Brenda.

For Bob and Brenda: I am convinced that they were absolutely thrilled with the addition of a livable work or art.

Enlightenment: Talk about an impressive entryway. Nothing says that you have money like intimidating people before they even have a chance to knock on the door.

Nanoose1: This amazing fireplace was hand carved from two blocks of Tenino Sandstone weighing ten tons each. At 9 feet wide and 10 feet tall, Nanoose1 was an excellent addition to a one of a kind oceanfront home.

Prairie Fire: This 6 foot wide fireplace utilizes the spiraling rocks for an appearance that almost seems as if the moon is harnessing the energy of the fire within.

The Ascended: This fireplace was commissioned to complete a theme that the clients say was inspired by an ancient burial ground that is next to their home. This 25 foot tall by 8 foot wide fireplace contains flowing saucers that represent a spirit doorway. The use of the wood and metal seems to tell a story. In this story the fireplace is ripping the wood from its home and utilizing it for something that would give the other little trees nightmares.

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