Sunday, November 22, 2015

Rare Vintage NASA Photos Show The Golden Age of Space Travel

Nearly 700 “out of the world” photo were up for an auction by Bloomsbury Auctions in London in February this year.

The super rare vintage collection shows the golden age of space exploration and include a photo of the first photo taken in space, by Buzz Aldrin and a rare image of pioneering astronaut Neil Armstrong on the Moon.

The  private rare collection called From the Earth to the Moon was appraised at approximately  $1,000,000. The photos are beyond impressive, there is a plethora of fascinating photographs depicting the earth seen from space and one specific photo that shows  a partial-solar-eclipse.

“It is very rare to find a vintage print of that because it wasn’t recognized by NASA at the time,” explained the Bloomsbury Auctions spokesman.

“They didn’t realize it was Neil Armstrong, so they didn’t release it to the press. It was found years later, and very few people have seen it, it hasn’t been widely published, so that one is of obvious historic significance.”

The spokesman of the auction said that previous sales of  NASA photos had proven hugely successful.

“Four years ago in 2011 we sold a private collection of NASA photos and I was surprised by the range of people who did buy them — I’d say about half were interested in the aesthetics of the image, and the other half were looking for the significant moments in space history — the classic images: the first ‘earthrise’, the first picture of the whole earth and so on.”

“They represent a golden age in the history of photography, when a few men went to the unknown to bring back awe-inspiring pictures,”

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