Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cute Couple Share Their Unusual Experiences from Their Recent Trip to North Korea (26 pics)

Justin and Anna Williams are frequent travellers and have visited over 100 countries but even they were shocked by some of the weird rules and regulations that tourists were forced to obey while in the country. Justin and Anna Williams have vacationed in over 100 countries. Unsurprisingly, they say that out of all of the places they’ve been, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been BY FAR the most memorable.They couldn’t believe how heavily tourists are supervised there, as well as how little some residents knew about other countries.Justin said, “It’s like traveling to a different world.”
They arranged their trip through a travel operator with links to the state-owned Korean International Tourist Company. Before their arrival, they had to attend a briefing session in Beijing, where they were instructed on the strict rules. For example, they could never take pictures of military entities or statues of Kim Jong II unless his whole image was used.

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