Friday, October 30, 2015

See That Thing Hanging Off A Cliff Wait Until You See What It Is... WOW!

Their concept home is aptly named "Cliff House" and the first one was designed to work with the enormous cliffs on the coast of Victoria, Australia.

The house is built from pre-fabricated modules that will stack together. The modules are fastened to each other and anchored to the side of the cliff with giant steel pins.

The home will offer views like no other home in the world being suspended off the side of a cliff over the vast ocean below.

The home provides 4 levels of living space as well as a 5th level for a balcony and a car port.

The levels are accessible with either stairs or an elevator and come complete with bathrooms, a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and dining room. The lower level comes complete with a suspended deck and a jacuzzi. Can you imagine sitting in a suspended hot tub, hundreds of feet in the air on the side of a cliff, with nothing in front of you but an endless ocean and a glass of wine?

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