Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rare photographs of the 'colored only' Paradise Park during Jim Crow era

 Paradise Park was considered a safe haven for black Americans in the Jim Crow era. Posing in their swimsuits in an advertisement for the park are (from left) Ida Lee Donaldson, an unknown woman, Susie Long, Alma Jacobs, Patricia Bright, and Ernestine Stevenson, in 1950

 The 'colored only' park shared the same river as the nearby Silver Springs resort. Pictured, families gather on the dock over the Silver River to watch over children swimming at Paradise Park

 The holidays were a time when many African-American families gathered at Paradise Park and employees would often distribute oranges to children at Christmas

 The boardwalk was a popular place to take pictures at Florida's 'colored only' Paradise Park, which was considered a safe haven for black Americans from 1949 until 1960

Tourists aboard the river steamboat Okeehumkee at Silver Springs, Florida. Hubbard Hart, who built the boat in 1873 for his Hart Line, hired many African-American men to work on board.

 Basketball was a popular pastime for young visitors to the park

 A group of women in swimsuits pose next to the azaleas on the grounds of Paradise Park, which attracted visitors from all over the country

Although visitors to both Paradise Park and Silver Springs shared the same river, they rarely interacted. Pictured, a group of scouts watch their friends feeding the fish from the glass bottom boat
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