Sunday, August 2, 2015

Welcome To The Scarecrow Village Of Your Nightmares (17 Pics)

In Hyogo prefecture of Japan, there is a unique village unlike any other on Earth. In this village “lives” several human-like inhabitants that you may mistake for actual living people. They are in fact scarecrows.
Known as the scarecrow village of Okuharima, the village attracts visitors with its stuffed scarecrows that are dressed like ordinary people. Over a hundred scarecrows can be seen in various poses, such as farming, cycling, putting up posters and even seated at home like a regular family in abandoned houses. Local resident Masato Okaue, 61, who was born in the village started creating the scarecrows in 2010 with the help of residents to promote his hometown. His aim was to attract visitors after mass migration of the younger population to cities in search of work, leaving the majority of the village population over the age of 65.

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