Friday, August 21, 2015

This Legal Graffiti Art Is Better Than Most Paintings! (20 Pics)

This is where the artists conduct their work, in the middle of a big traffic circle
This is one of the underpasses that encompass the "Bear Pit". I wonder how many times this has been painted over?
Artists come from all over the world to display their work on these walls. This turtle knows what's up.
The ideas that people come up with work with the space and environment they are working in and it is truly incredible.
This seriously looks like an actual picture. I couldn't believe it was a spray painting at first. Incredible detail here.
The amount of time some of these paintings must have taken is seriously daunting.
I envy people who can come up with such creative ideas such as this. The colors and shapes that are incorporated into this are awesome.
Graffiti is a form of expression like any other art form. It can even be used to spur social change.
Some of these pieces of art though seem to just be an idea the artist wants to connect, even if the viewer doesn't understand how or why.

Having a place that graffiti artists know is safe and that allows them to do their work in peace could actually help encourage them to not vandalize buildings.
Whole series of walls are covered in this amazingly exotic art.
Trying to figure out where one of these shapes begins and another ends makes my head hurt.
This is just really weird and creepy.
Not as weird and creepy as this though. Anything to do with Alice In Wonderland creeps me out. It's such a weird movie.
This one is fantastic; it has some great detail and shading used in it.
This is definitely my favorite. Spawn is one of my favorite comics and a tribute to it is pretty damn awesome.
Apparently jet lag is a big problem in the graffiti artist community.
I am really hoping this is a tribute to Bob Marley. Even if it isn't, I'm going to pretend it is.
This one seems to have a lot of emotion behind it.
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