Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Spending $250 to turn a $100 fridge into a $75 fridge (27 Pics)

Boring crappy $100 craigslist fridge.

I should have spent more time creating a spray booth.

Halfway in I realized that I really should empty the fridge and  properly mask it, and do this in a well ventilated area. But I knew my GF wasn't going to go for no fridge for the next week.

Paint in a well ventilated area. Not like this.
It only took two cans to get a good coverage.

1/2" plexiglass for new fridge shelfs.

Acrylic of various thickness for freezer box.

Drawing some cut lines from a quick sketch.

I tried various cutting methods with the plexi.

I tried an oscilating cutter and a jigsaw.

First off I used a blade with too few teeth per inch. Second, you run into the problem of it melting if you go to slow, and your blade wondering all over the place if you go to fast.

I had better luck with thicker material and higher tooth count jig saw blades
These were new blades.

I borrowed a table saw to clean up the horrible jig saw cuts.

I thought I might need a higher TPI blade, but this one worked fine.

Setting up a jig to epoxy my acrylic freezer box together.
I made sure to rough up the bonding areas.

Final glued assembly for freezer

When I first got it installed, I didn't account for the door shelving hitting it.

Fortunately a slight modification was all that was necessary.

Built in ice holder.

Organized Freezer.

Inside looks much cleaner and is better supported.

I was also doing a stencil on the fridge, but it won't be delivered for another month.

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