Saturday, August 29, 2015

Road Workers Found This Mysterious Box Underground (13 Pics)

Road workers in eastern China were given the task of widening a road in the city of Taizhou, in the Jiangsu Province. While they were digging a hole about 6 feet below the surface, they came across something completely by chance that no one was expecting to find. They hit something solid while digging and after a bit of research they realized that they had actually hit a buried tomb. not wanting to disturb or move it, they knew it was time to call in professional archeologists to unearth and reveal this mystery. After the archeologists arrived, they discovered that the chamber was over 700 years old. Luckily they documented the entire process and shared them with the world. Just wait until you see all of the pictures they took, showing the step by step removal of the tomb along with the opening of it.
Here is the tomb after it was unearthed. A team worked together to open the box without disturbing the contents.
The team prepares to see what was inside for the first time after being buried for over 700 years.
Encased in the stone tomb was a wooden box.
After opening the box, they found that the contents were rare silks and linens lying in some sort of brown liquid.
They discovered the mummy of a woman under all of these layers of fabric.
They were amazed to see the body and contents in near perfect condition after being underground for over 700 years.
They think the mummy was a high ranking member of the Ming Dynasty.
She was adorned with beautiful jewelry from that same time period.
The team carefully removed the woman out of her tomb for the first time since being mummified.
She was wrapped in many rare layers of fabric that would have been common for a high ranking member of the Ming Dynasty.
Whatever she was preserved in was remarkable. She even had her eyebrows still attached.
This close up of her shoes shows how well preserved her corpse was.
This is a rare find and with advancements in archeology today, she will stay preserved in a museum.
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