Sunday, August 30, 2015

Rare photographs reveal what life used to be like for the animals at the controversial Copenhagen Zoo (20 Pics)

Copenhagen Zoo opened its doors for its first visitors in 1859 and has released some photographs revealing its early days as an attraction. Pictured here is the arrival of a bear in the 1930s

Play time: Two chimps play on some children's rocking horses in their enclosure at Copenhagen Zoo

Bath time: A baby hippo is sponged by a member of staff at the zoo. Over the years, the collection started to grow as demand for new animals boomed

A giant elephant seal sits upright as a trainer gives it a treat of fish for performing the trick 

A suited man squats down and strokes a seal that has been transported in a net carrier 

Dinner time: A chimpanzee drinks from a human bowl using cutlery at the zoo, whilst sitting at a table 

A black-and-white photograph of a seal lion balancing a ball on its nose as a girl watches behind
An elephant sits back on its hind legs as it receives a brush from a zoo keeper dressed with an old-fashioned hat

Two huge bears look curiously out at the tourists peering into their enclosure. A baby can be seen in the old fashioned pram behind

The behind view of the mammoth elephant seal, used at the zoo for entertaining guests

A crowd of tourists watch on as the giant elephant seal awaits a treat from the zoo keeper

A zoo keeper gives a seal a drink from a glass bottle with another behind waits its turn

Two baby polar bears play with their mother at the zoo, which was founded by the ornithologist Niels Kjærbølling in 1859

A large elephant seal receives a fishy treat from a zoo keeper at the zoological gardens in the 1930s 

Dinner time: Three sea lions eagerly anticipate receiving a treat from the zoo keeper in their enclosure

Mesmerised: Two boys peer through the fencing of the zebra enclosure

A little girl poses excitedly on a camel before being lead around the zoo by a keeper in a picture taken between 1872 and 1921

Bottoms up: A zoo keeper gives a tiny sea lion a drink from a glass water bottle

A chimpanzee in the 1930s extends its hand out towards guests, with its name and details displayed on a board next to it

Walking in a winter wonderland: A view of the zoo's restaurant set in a snowy landscape in 1897 
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