Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Baby Elephant Falls Into An Embankment (7 Pics)

When you aren't typically surrounded by wild animals, you don't think too much about the hazards they probably encounter every day. This can include predators looking for their next meal, humans looking to cash in on their valuable body parts, but what about road hazards? That's exactly what happened in this story. This cute little elephant was walking with his herd when he slipped and fell into an embankment under a railroad track in Assam, India. Thankfully, the train came to a halt and dozens of passengers leaped out to help pull him to safety.

 The little elephant had been trying to keep up with its herd when it slipped on the crumbling rail track.
 Thankfully dozens of passengers stopped to lend a hand as he became submerged in mud. He continued to sink, but they were determined to help.
 A forest official arrived to help him out of the ditch in Assam, India.
 Passersbys also handed bits of food to the baby to keep him going.
 This man offers a stick to grab and climbs down to try another approach.
 People sat on the side of the ditch to make sure the little one gets out safely.
The animal appeared scared at the predicament it faced but, but fortunately the situation was happily resolved. The baby elephant was able to rescued and reunited with its herd.
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