Saturday, July 18, 2015

Vintage Photographs From Inside 10 Famous Libraries

We just love libraries, the tranquil ambiance that usually prevails in the interior filled with old books, just seem to hum with wisdom. We gathered a collection of some iconic libraries, so if you are also a fan of the old book smell, check the list below.

A stereogram of the great hall in the Vatican Library by William Herman Rau
Boston Public Library, 1972. 

Folger Shakespeare Library, 1932.
London Library post-Blitz, c. 1940.
The Botany Library in Chicago’s Field Museum, 1912. 
The Brooklyn Public Library’s children’s room, 1941.
The Law Library of the Library of Congress, c. 1895. 
The Long Room in the Trinity College Library, from Ireland in Pictures, 1898. 
The New York Public Library.
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