Friday, July 31, 2015

People That Look Eerily Similar To Their Long Lost Relatives (12 pics)

These people are several generations removed from their doppelganger relatives and the resemblance is uncanny. They say that history repeats itself and these pictures are living proof of that.

Father and Son
Great-Grandfather and Great-Grandson

Olaus (born 1871) and Max (born 1991)
Great-Aunt Ida (born 1898) and Great-Niece Caroline (born 1981)

Grandfather Henry Daniel and Grandson Casey Edward (both photographed at age 21)

These two women are four generations apart!

Great-Grandmother Michelle and Great-Granddaughter Lucy (born 87 years apart)

Grandfather and Grandson

Grandmother Jackie and Granddaughter Caroline

Great-Grandfather Louis (born 1917) and Great-Grandson Matthew (born 1995)

Great-Grandfather Benjamin and Great-Grandson John

Most impressively of all, these relatives were born more than 200 years apart, and they're still rocking the family resemblance!

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