Friday, May 22, 2015

This Resort Was Abandoned After The Worst Nuclear Disaster In History Occcured

We've already discussed how local wildlife is slowly returning to Chernobyl in the wake of the world's worst nuclear disaster, but it's going to be some time before the area returns to its former glory.

Check out these pictures of the Emerald recreation center located by the cooling pond of the destroyed nuclear power plant. While once a beautiful neighborhood of summer homes — complete with a dance hall, a library, and even a movie theater — it's now completely abandoned except for a few critters and the occasional squatter.

A few of the 100 summer homes that the Emerald Resort had to offer.
This was once the entrance to the visitor's center.

The dance hall.

One lone dancer.

The eeriest things about the resort are the cartoonish characters painted on the walls of the homes, still goofing off with no one around to see them.

This is a bottle of Naftizin, once used as nasal drops. No one knows if it was left by someone from the resort, or one of the post-meltdown squatters.

When do you think was the last time someone played on this playground?

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