Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pictures Of A Long-Abandoned Leper Colony In Greece (27 Pics)

Leprosy might sound like a biblical affliction that just doesn't happen in the modern age, along with the seas turning to blood and people being swallowed by whales, but it's actually a real disease people have, even today.

Luckily, leper colonies are a thing of the past, especially since leprosy is now completely treatable. Yet Greece's long-abandoned Lovokomeio leper colony, built in 1378, still stands today, albeit in a decrepit state. It's frightening to think that even though it was built 637 years ago, facility didn't close until 1957.

The Lovokomeio colony, like other leper colonies, was built on an island, as it was thought this would protect the rest of humanity from the spread of the disease.

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