Friday, March 13, 2015

Man Finds Something Very Disturbing In His Crawl Space (4 pics)

Reddit user apis_cerana was checking his Facebook one day when he saw a post from a friend that caught his attention. The post was about bones that his friend had found in the crawl space of his home and apis_cerana looked into it right away. He and his friends belong to a skull and bone collecting Facebook group and were able to determine what type of species the bones came from.

The Facebook friend of apis_cerana found this pile of bones in his crawl space.
Along with some super-old-looking rope.

The bone collecting Facebook group suspected the bones might be human and given the size of the bones, possibly from a child. They were also quick to notice that some of the bones were cut, more than likely by a saw.
The police were notified and tests were run on the bones. The results confirmed that the bones were indeed human. Investigations have been made, but as of yet are inconclusive.
One of the Facebook commenters pointed to the Candy Man serial killer as a possibility. Throughout the early 70s, a man named Dean Coril kidnapped, raped and mutilated little boys. He was known to carry a bag of tools to assist with the torture, including a saw.
This a picture of one of Coril's victims just before he was murdered.

The theory that the Candy Man was behind the murder has some substance, given that Coril stopped by Indiana for a time. He was even living in the area where the bones were found. We may never know what exactly happened here unless police can connect the bones to another case. 
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