Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hot Tubs That Are Little Oases of Heaven (24 pics)

The Homestead Crater - Wasatch County, Utah
Sixty-four feet below the Earth's surface, this 96-degree underground pool in Utah is deep enough for soaking, swimming, or scuba diving.
Cortina d Ampezzo Resort - Italy
This barrel-like hot tub is perched at 7,400 feet on a snowy plateau with views of Italy's famous 5 Towers.
Katikies Hotel - Santorini, Greece
This stunning tub lives in a cave cut into the volcanic rock of the Caldera cliffs. The view of the Aegean Sea ain't to shabby either.
Hot Tugs - Rotterdam, Netherlands
Do not adjust your screen: that is most definitely a wood-fired hot tub floating down a river. Leave it to the Dutch...
Mystic Hot Springs - Monroe, Utah
The mineral-rich water at Mystic Hot Springs comes out of the ground at 168 degrees. Thankfully it cools while traveling down a natural channel and falling into one of 8 bathtubs and 2 concrete pools.
Ski Portillo Resort - Chile
Although Portillo is incredibly isolated, you'd never know it. After a day on the slopes, soak your bones in the hot tub, which is movie theater and bar adjacent, while gazing on the Andes in all their glory.
The Blue Lagoon - Reykjavik, Iceland
Iceland sees your hot tub, and raises you a hot LAGOON. Surrounded by ice yet heated by volcanoes, this is one soak spot you won't soon forget.
St. Regis Lhasa Spa - Tibet
The "Golden Energy Pool" is lined with thousands of tiles plated in gold, and filled with therapeutic salt water constantly heated to 82-86 degrees F.
Igloo Village - Zermatt, Switzerland
Who wouldn't want to warm up in a jacuzzi set directly into the snow covered landscape before catching some Zzzzs in their own private igloo?
Aquadome Spa - Längenfeld, Austria
Levitating bowls filled with thermal water from underground hot springs? Sign me up.
Salar de Uyuni - Agua Brava, Bolivia
This hot tub delivers spectacular view of what remains of Lago MinchĂ­n, a prehistoric salt lake which once covered most of southwest Bolivia.
Liquidrom - Berlin, Germany
Hot tubbing as only the Germans could do it: warm salt water pools under dark domes that pulse with colored lights and music.
Grotto Spa - British Columbia, Canada
This 2,500 square foot hot tub was designed to emulate a natural stone grotto, and the warm water is infused with natural minerals and trace elements
Aviary Cottage - Twin Farms, VT
Usually, getting out of the hot tub sucks because the air is much colder. That's why this picturesque cottage features a stone fireplace right next to the tub.
Sunlight Mountain Resort - Glenwood Springs, Colorado
This is the world's largest outdoor mineral hot springs pool. With mountain views, water slides, and a diving board — it's like a summer vacation in the middle of snowy Colorado.
Selman Marrakech Spa - Morocco
A hot tub that's straight out of Arabian Nights. And will make you feel like you've become part of the story.
Hot Water Beach - Waikato, New Zealand
At low tide naturally heated thermal water bubbles to the surface of this beach. A shovel is all you need to dig your very own hot tub wherever you like.
Amangiri Spa - Utah
The hot tubs and pools of this luxurious resort are hidden in a protected valley with sweeping views towards the Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument.
Assawan Spa - Dubai
Like most things in Dubai, this spa's hot tubs are fancier--and on a higher floor--than the rest of the world.
Thermae Bath Spa - England
This rooftop hot tub offers views of the City of Bath and surrounding hills while you melt into the naturally warm, mineral-rich waters enhanced by air seats and bubbling jets.
Grovepark Spa - Asheville, North Carolina
The worries of the world will float away when you soak in this subterranean spa with cavernous rock walls, arches and tunnels.
Spa Bad Aibling - Germany
This unique spa features several dome-covered tubs and activity zones. Each has a different theme, music and water temperature.
Green T. House - Beijing, China
Serenity--the unique tubs and pools of this Beijing bath house are where you'll find it.
Pamukkale - Denizli Provence, Turkey
The name of this incredible destination translates to "cotton castle" in Turkish and it's not hard to see why: Cut into terraces of sparkling white limestone, these tiered natural hot springs draw tourists from all over the world.

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