Sunday, February 8, 2015

What 20 Former Russian Mafia Members Did When They Died Is Just Insane

People say the hallmark of America is that we do it bigger and (sometimes) better than anywhere else on the planet. This old axiom might have to change soon. Americans have nothing on the ostentatious tombstones of Russian gangsters. Seriously, these graves are insane. Just look at them.

1. Living large from beyond the grave.
2. That's an odd facial expression to have on your gravestone forever.

3. These look more like movie posters for a Russian version of Reservoir Dogs than tombstones.

4. His car gets its own tombstone.

5. Where to begin with these two....

6. Forever a gangster.

7. Best dressed in the cemetery.

8. They look so lifelike.

9. Buried with the whole crew.

10. Full color is the mark of a true gangster.

11. You think they would have picked a better looking car for this mural.

12. Standing tall.

13. Look at the detail on those gold chains.

14. Again with the shabby looking cars.

15. Why does the car have its own tombstone? I don't get it.

16. Living large, tombstone style.

17. Taking the car for a spin in the afterlife.

18. No tombstone mural is complete without a cigarette, a cup of coffee, and an old model cell phone.

19. Gotta love that product placement.

20. Something about that picture's proportions seems off.

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