Monday, February 16, 2015

Pictures Of Bicyclists Without Their Bikes Is Pretty Funny (17 Pics)

"When I was a young man, we didn't have these newfangled invisible bikes."
Don't worry, she's wearing an invisible helmet.
Eyes on the road, buddy!
Do you think he can see the cars in his invisible rearview mirror?
IBMX: Invisible Bicycle Motocross
He's flying! He's really flying!
I feel like he's probably doing something really cool with his bike. Too bad it's invisible.
"I immediately regret my decision."
Too much air. Too little bike.
BMX really is a beautiful sport, once you get those dumb bikes out of the picture.
This definitely doesn't look safe.
"I hated my face anyway."
 I call this one "Seeing Stars."
Well, that's an embarrassing wipeout.
 Bad idea, Bad Idea, BAD IDEA!
100% real fun.
Biking on water!

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