Thursday, January 8, 2015

These Are The Last Living People Born In 1800s (7 pics)

These people have lived much longer than most and it's amazing to think that they've lived in 3 different centuries now.

115-Year-Old Susannah Mushatt Jones From United States (Born On July 6, 1899)

World’s Oldest Living Person: 116-Year-Old Misao Okawa From Japan (Born On March 5, 1898)

116-Year-Old Gertrude Weaver, The Second-Oldest Person In The World And The Oldest Person In America (Born On July 4, 1898)
115-Year-Old Emma Morano From Italy, The Oldest Person In Europe (Born On November 29, 1899)
115-Year-Old Jeralean Talley From United States (Born On May 23, 1899)

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