Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bill Fink Creates Photorealistic Images Out of Literally Anything

Artist and photographer Bill Fink is the mastermind behind “Time and Matter Photography”, an art form that involves producing photorealistic images out of literally any material or matter. Instead of conventional paint, the 60-year-old artist uses hair, human ashes, soil, egg shells, and all sorts of things to create images, often using the material itself to create its portrait. Some of Bill’s most notable works include a portrait of his eye made entirely from his own hair, an image of flowers made entirely from the pollen of those flowers, and the image of a man named Bob, made using his ashes.

"Flowers" Made Entirely from the Pollen of these flowers

"Fig Tree" Made with twigs from fig tree

"Chicken" Made entirely from eggshells

"Quaker Oats" Picture made with Quaker Oats

"Mission" Made Entirely of soil (from location) San Francisco De Asis Church, New Mexico

"Bob" Made entirely from Bob’s ashes

"Mom and Me"  Made entirely of Mom's hair

My Eye" Made entirely of Bill Fink’s hair

"Spruce Goose" Made with wood from Spruce Goose

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