Friday, October 24, 2014

Can you spot the sniper (30 Pics)

A successful sniper has to be good at two things: shooting a rifle and blending in with their surroundings, as to not be seen by the intended target.
As German artist Simon Menner recently found out, military snipers are incredibly skilled at the latter - often blending into their surroundings so well that they can't be seen even if you know where to look.
Menner recently was granted permission to photograph German Army snipers as they blended into several landscapes. What he captured on film was the incredible way in which these snipers can make themselves nearly invisible to the naked eye - even in broad daylight.
In many cases, spotting the sniper is nearly impossible - all you can see is the business end of their sniper rifles jutting out of what appears to be a rock, or a bush, as the rest of their bodies and equipment are completely camouflaged. And chances are that if you're close enough to notice them, it's already too late - trained snipers are capable of accurately shooting targets that are more than a mile away.
In a series of photos taken by Menner, a sniper is hiding somewhere in the landscape. In another set of the same photos, the snipers' location is circled in red - which doesn't do much to help recognize these war-time chameleons.

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