Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kanye West Doing Things Normal People Do Too (18 pics)

Kanye enjoys an ice cream cone inside of an ice cream truck that he bought.
Kanye adding an extra hour to his parking meter to ensure his trip to Wendy’s goes uninterrupted.
Kanye trying to connect all four.

Kanye enjoying nachos someone carelessly left on the floor. 
Kanye listens intently while Kim talks about her success.

Kanye riding his favorite bike. It’s so fast.

Kanye instantly regrets not getting rainbow sprinkles.

Kanye confused what “half-off” means while holding a single shoe in the women’s department.

Kanye points to a bowling monitor and asks what it is.

“They’re not fish sticks.” Kanye insists while enjoying a filet-o-fish at McDonalds.

Kanye avoiding a pole in the sidewalk at all costs.

Kanye discovers Kim’s sex tape.

Kanye sits next to a Korean/Soviet astronaut at a local fashion show.

Kanye makes the same mistake twice and leaves Yogurtland without rainbow sprinkles.

Kanye not understanding how mirrors or selfies or ladies rooms work.

Beyonce lets Kanye win a game of connect four.

Kanye celebrating his birthday and/or normal day.

“I deserve Yogurtland” Kanye says softly to himself after a hard day of zip-lining.
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