Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DIY Full Bed with Outlets (23 Pics)

I was asked by my mother-in-law to make a bed for my sister-in-law. These are the designs I came up with. I have the Sketchup file if anyone wants it.

My dad saw that I was working too slowly with hand tools and bought me a table saw.

This is the way the legs at the foot of the bed look.

The tall ones are the head's legs.

The joint in action. My workmanship is shoddy, but it holds well and has strength. Also, I cleaned up all of the joints afterwards.

Both bolts going in, 1/2 inch if I recall correctly.

Other side of the joint.

It stands on its own.

The basic structure.

This was made to sit centered at the head and foot for extra support.

The center support.

Slats. I used 2x4s for ease and structure.

The headboard is also made of 2x4s.

Electrics was simple enough, making the hole for it was awful and i had to cut a small dip into the next 2x4 to accommodate the faceplate.

This holds the side table.

I was going to get plywood or MDF for the side table but ran out of funds and had a lot of 2x4 waste. It is now a heftier side table. Also I had to cut a dip in part of it to access the nut in the previous picture.

Where the side table sits. I meant to make a leg for the final corner of the side table, but it looks better without it, is plenty sturdy, and won't be holding much more than a laptop or lamp., so i'll simply attach it where it sits.

My sister-in-law is going to paint it black, and I need to add L-brackets on the sides, but it is otherwise complete.

Electrical in working order.

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Anonymous said...

So, does that thing weigh 500 pounds?

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