Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fathers and Daughters in Iran [Photo Story]

Fathers & Daughters: A series of portraits of Iranian fathers and daughters in different social classes in Tehran and other cities. By Nafise Motlaq
Newsha's father is an engineer ."He is away five days a week. We usually spend time in weekends and holidays".

Fatemeh's father is office employee."He is a good father. I don't know what to add.
Shadi's father is a businessman."There is a stubborn boy in his soul. You should know how to deal with him"
Arezoo's father is a carpet saleman."He is a very funny man. He makes people laugh with his jokes and acts in family parties".
Zahra's father is jobless."I don't know what to say. I really don't".
Katayoon's father is a army retired man."My friends think he cares about me too much but I think he is a great supporter in my life
Fatemeh's father works is a mosque's library."People think I don't have freedom because my father is a cleric but it's not true. He gave me permission to visit the national book fair with my friends when I was 15"
Shima & Lina's father is a civil project manager."Our father has studied in Europe. That's why he gave us all freedom the western youths have in personal life".
Mahsa's father is a veteran."He is always my champion but I wish he was a hopeful happy father he used to be"

 Fatemeh's father is a farm worker."He works a lot. He works so much"
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