Thursday, July 10, 2014

Life in GIFs Is Just So Funny (20 gifs)

Wearing a new pair of skinny jeans for the first time:
Doing research for school/work:
Doing research on that TV show you’re obsessed with:
Waking up and immediately thinking about that nap you’re going to take later:
When you have responsibilities, but it’s the weekend: 
Correcting someone else’s grammar:
Seeing a new flavor of your favorite chip brand:
“How are you single?”
When you have to be nice to someone you hate:
Being left alone in an unfamiliar room:
When you unintentionally insult someone:
What Facebook feels like on your birthday:
Missing a handshake:
When you invite a friend and they say they’ll ‘try’ to make it:
Thinking about the name of your first email address:
Seeing yourself in the mirror when you’re hungover:
When your computer insists it has urgent updates:
Your face when your friend says, “I can only bring one friend. Wanna go?”
Making a spelling error online and the rest of the Internet replies like:
At a party when you see people playing Mario Kart:

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