Wednesday, May 7, 2014

14 Years of Lost Items under a Car Seat (7 pics)

New car owner uncovers what the previous owner lost over 14 years.

"I was taking off this piece of trim to fix the rear windshield wiper fluid hose..."

"Caught a glimpse of what was underneath and became curious..."
"Even more coins along with various other goodies..."
"A house key that was stuck, eventually got it off..."
Final Inventory: A lot of coins, 3 AA batteries, Clicky pen, Mechanical Pencil, Chapstick, House key, Cssette deck MP3 receiver, 2 combs Coin/gem pouch, unknown red and black plastic bits Receipt from Jerry's on HWY 99 Receipt from The Duck Store, Eugene OR Receipt from Costco gas station, Eugene, OR Receipt from Charles M. Schulz Museum, Santa Rosa, CA Report Card, Student XXXXXX Chen, Hampton High School, PA English: A Speech: A World Hist: A Algebra 2: C Chemistry: B French 3: A P.E.: A Health: B
"Total money count: $10.95 plus 10 Chinese Yuan ($1.60)"

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