Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Remarkable Photos That Tell an Interesting Story (22 pics)

Scarlett Johansson with no makeup for Vanity Fair
Store Owners in Koreatown, Los Angeles take defensive positions against rioters 1992
This is how sperm whales sleep
Poached ivory in candy wrappers seized in Africa
Identical houses in China
Found in Naples Law Enforcement office to motivate officers to stay in shape
Aerial shot of a river delta in Iceland, Emmanuel Coupe, 2014
Teeth Chiseling, Indonesian Tribal Custom
He Ate Everything He Could Reach
Newly liberated Holocaust victim holding his former captor at gunpoint, 1945
Interior of the Pagani Huayra, fastest car ever on the Top Gear track
Al Capone’s prison cell
First Class – Qantas Airbus
You know them as the Robots who conquered the grammys..
900 year old Buddhist temple
Los Angeles Billboard for Back To The Future 1, counting down to the film’s release
Shaq explains why he did the movie “Kazaam”
The faces behind The Simpsons
A cop detained this firefighter after an argument on where to park the firetruck
The North Korean rocket tractor – the best war machine ever made by man
Einstein’s desk hours after he died and his Unified Field Theory which was to summarize all physical forces …
My little cousin went to McDonald’s grand opening in Saigon. This was her order number and the crowd behind her after 2 hours wait

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