Monday, July 15, 2013

Rap Lyrics vs Actual Net Worth (12 pics)

Let's see who is lying and who is rapping the truth.

Song: Feel This Moment, 2012
“I see the future but live for the moment, make sense don’t it. Now make dollar, I mean billions, I’m a genius, I mean brilliant.”
Actual net worth: $20 million

Rick Ross
Song: Ashamed, 2012
“Until this day I’m slain, the commission remains. Net worth over a billion, I’m ashamed to say.”
Actual net worth: $28 million

Nicki Minaj

Song: Up In Flames, 2012
“I’m in Saint-Tropez, on a big boat. Go my way to make a billi like a big goat.”
Actual net worth: $45 million

Song: Shot Caller Remix, 2012
“Dippin in a Gatti, billboards in Toyko. Worth about a billi and I still run the city.”
Actual net worth: $580 million

Song: HAM, 2011
“I’m like ‘Really: half a bill…,really?’ you got baby money.”
Actual net worth: $500 million


Song: No Introduction, 2012
“Elevators was out of order yeah. Worth two hundred million now.”
Actual net worth: $17 million

Lil Wayne
Song: Ballin, 2011
“Last year I made a hundred million dollars flat.”
2010 Earnings: $20 million

Song: Future, 2012
“Took two years on just to raise my cup. Worth a 100 fucking mill.”
Actual net worth: $75 million

Soulja Boy
Song: All Black, 2013
“Everybody know that Soulja Boy is worth 30 mill.”
Actual net worth: $23 million

Song: The Motto, 2012
“How you feel how you feel how you feel? 25, sitting on 25 mill.”
Actual net worth: $30 million

Gucci Mane
Song: Pistol In The Party, 2013
“I’m worth 20 mil on Ebay.”
Actual net worth: $15 million

Wiz Khalifa

Song: Rowland, 2012
“I made eleven million…without any endorsements.”
Actual net worth: $11 million.
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Anonymous said...

Most of these fools will lose it all, end up dead from an overdose. Niggas ain't smart enough to manage wealth. Hey, Trayvon's girl said if the 'N' word ends with an 'A' it ain't racist!

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