Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Man Weekend

Every year  buddies from college get together to have a "Man Weekend." They usually just drink beer, bitch about our wives, and play washers. However, Saturday morning is the main event. They dress up each year with a different theme that involves facial hair. Here are the results from the last 5 years.

 Dirty Mustache weekend
The first Man Weekend.  

Amish Weekend
 People actually thought we were Amish and in town for a function.

Elvis Weekend
 We were hunks (and chunks) of burning love.  Random strangers asked us to take pictures with them.

Biker Weekend
 When people saw us walking down the aisle at Wal Mart they stopped dead in their tracks and walked the other way.

Pencil Thin Mustaches
The title says it all.  
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