Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Did It Ever Happen to You When (22 gifs)

When someone offers to buy you food:

When you were little and your parents came to pick you up from a friend`s house:
When you get back to your own toilet after being on vacation:
When you get a phone call from someone you have a crush on:
Your first thought when the alarm clock goes off:
When you hear a joke, then realize it’s about you:
When you realize the house is pitch dark after being on the computer for hours:
When you’re daydreaming while reading and have to read the page again:
When someone says, “We’re getting pizza for dinner”:
When someone’s voice doesn’t match their appearance:
When you’re on your way to a concert:
When you’re walking by a store and see something you want:
When you’re in bed and have to pee:

When you try to read something in another language:
When you accidentally break something, then walk away like nothing happened:
When the movie doesn’t end the way you want it to:
When you tell a great joke and everyone laughs:
When someone you’ve never talked to before asks you for a piece of gum:
When you see an actor on TV and try to remember where you’ve seen them before:
When people get mad at you for correcting their grammar:
When you were a kid and didn’t get the color gumball you wanted out of the gumball machine:

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