Friday, December 30, 2011

Behind-The-Scenes Your Bag's Journey On Delta

Come fly away: The suitcase begins its journey at Georgia airport moments before it goes through the rubber flaps at the check-in desk
Ready for the drop: The bag passes through the rubber flaps and onto a steep conveyer belt in a separate part of the airport
The room is filled by pipes, cables and more intertwining conveyer belts taking luggage around the building
One for the road: The bag is packed into a wagon and driven to the plane
Loading up: The view from the suitcase as it goes up the conveyor belt to the aircraft's storage compartment
Get fastened it: A baggage handler secures the compartment before other suitcases are added
Two hours later in New York the suitcase goes round the conveyor belt in front of passengers anxious to collect their luggage

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