Saturday, April 30, 2011

40 Abandoned Bowling Alleys From Across The USA

1. Route 44, New York

2. Bowman County, North Dakota

3. Brunswick, Pennsylvania

4. San Francisco Bay, California

5. Detroit, Michigan

6. West Milton, Ohio

7. North Kingsville, Ohio

8. Santa Rosa, California

9. Hyde Park, New York

10. Largo, Florida

11. Tulsa, Oklahoma

12. Akron, Ohio

13. Sacramento, California

14. Hammond, Indiana

15. Peoria, Illinois

16. Whittier, California

17. Council Bluffs, Iowa

18.The All-Star Bowling Alley was the site of the Orangeburg massacre in 1968, an event that occured after black students began to protest the segregated bowling alley.

19. Des Plaines, Illinois
Sim's Bowl & Lounge closed after 55 years in business. The Des Plaines city council voted against buying the building as they felt it was too expensive to fix. The property will most likely sit vacant along with the 100 year old cleaners business next door.

20. Chicago, Illinois
In its prime, leagues could play at any hour of the day and night.

21. Norfolk, Virginia

22. Seattle, Washington

23. Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania

24. Galesberg, Illinois

25. Wells Bridge, New York

27. Chelmsford, Massachusetts

29. Greenwood, South Carolina

30. Mesquite, Texas

31. Portland, Oregon

32. Columbus, Ohio

33. Golden Valley, Minnesota

34. Providence, Rhode Island

36. Perry, Iowa

38. Honolulu, Hawaii

39. Denham, Lousiana

40. Gary, Indiana

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Great article and great pictures, urban decay is fascinating to me, really enjoyed these pictures.

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